The power of Globemilk

Globemilk differentiates itself on five pillars, which together form ”The Power of Globemilk”. What exactly do these five pillars mean? We explain them below.

Globemilk is a family business founded by long-time dairy farmers. Meanwhile Globemilk has grown into an international brand specialized in long-life dairy products. From our factory in Boxmeer, we have been producing the tastiest dairy products, from long-life milk to iced coffees and chocolate milk, for years. The family continues to grow!


We at Globemilk are constantly striving for the highest achievable quality. We have passion for the profession and this is reflected in the company culture, but also in our final product!

By continuously striving for the highest achievable quality, we are able to offer the best final product to consumers time and time again.


Only together can we consistently provide the best end product to consumers. This is why Globemilk places so much value on healthy collaborations.

At Globemilk, we act as a reliable partner. We do this by keeping our promises, working with you to find solutions and constantly updating our certificates and quality marks.


By being involved with our partners, our customers, our employees and society, we know what is going on and can respond accordingly.

We think along with our partners, are flexible, offer a listening ear and look for solutions.


At Globemilk, we believe that honesty is the basis for healthy partnerships and a healthy supply chain. After all, honesty still lasts the longest.

Our raw materials are all 100% traceable and as much as possible sourced from our own soil. This allows us to be open and guarantee that everyone gets a fair price and a reliable partner.


We at Globemilk are constantly striving for the highest attainable quality. We do this in our products, of course, but also in our collaborations. By continuously striving for the highest attainable quality, we can always offer the best end product to the consumer.