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There are various options for having your packages filled. Take a look inside our factory!

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We are expanding our factory? This way, even more people can enjoy our delicious dairy products.


We originally started in Overloon as Zuivelboerderij De Rômkan B.V. Ice cream was produced here from its own dairy cows.


We have taken several actions in the context of sustainable entrepreneurship, such as installing solar panels?

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We are versatile!

There’s a lot possible with us. If your wish isn’t listed, please contact us via the contact form.


The tastiest drinks! Think of delicious chocolate milk available in regular and white, iced coffees in various flavors, and protein drinks.

Ice cream / soft serve

Delicious creamy ice cream for soft serve machines. Perhaps you’ve tasted us at the corner snack bar.


The perfect base for a milkshake. Add your own flavor if desired to perfect the milkshake.

Great for at home

With our whipped cream, cooking cream, and barista milk, you can also get creative at home!

UHT dairy

Did you know? Our UHT dairy can be stored unopened outside the refrigerator. UHT dairy is available in 4 variants: full-fat, semi-skimmed, skimmed, and lactose-free milk.

Plant-based dairy

In addition to animal products, we also utilize nature. We make products based on plant ingredients. Inquire about the possibilities!

Our packaging possibilities

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