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Unique in product, a family business, international, and much more… Curious about who we are and what we do? Read on!

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Who are we?

After much experimentation – in the context of getting better every day – and a lot of testing, the first delivery of ice cream was made in 2001 under the name De Rômkan B.V. dairy farm. a fact. René has traditionally been a dairy farmer. The current factory in Boxmeer was built in 2009 and the name Globemilk was created.

Globemilk is a family business founded by traditional dairy farmers. The connection to Dutch soil has always remained: Globemilk understands the entire chain from cow to fridge. Globemilk has now become an international brand, but at its core, nothing has changed: Globemilk is 100% independent and believes in the power of family. Because everything starts with honest entrepreneurship, and that’s exactly what Globemilk stands for.

Netherlands, the land of dairy

The Netherlands is a true land of dairy. Generations of Dutch people have grown up with a daily glass of milk, packed with calcium, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. In the wake of this dairy tradition, Globemilk emerged as the only Dutch manufacturer of high-quality, long-life dairy products.

Milk is good for everyone, from young to old. That’s why Dutch people have been drinking milk for centuries. Our cows are strong and well cared for. The result? Healthy milk of the highest quality.

After becoming father, I have been looking for the best nutritional food for my firstborn child. I have contacted Globemilk, the only factory in The Netherlands producing Dutch UHT milk. Nowadays we have a strong strategic partnership and the best nutrition foods in the world is available for both my family as well as any other family in China looking for the best living standards.

Mr. Neery Peng Partner

International Player

Globemilk is an international player, active in more than 35 countries. From China to Dubai, and from Nigeria to Indonesia. Our milk can be found on the shelves of supermarkets everywhere. This milk comes from our Dutch cows and is processed in our factory in Boxmeer, North Brabant.