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organic milk

globemilk organic

  • Whole milk
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Skimmed milk

Globemilk supplies high-value long-shelf life milk for the global market. Globemilk produces Whole, Semi-skimmed and Skimmed UHT Organic milk. All variants are supplied in both 200ml and 1000ml, for home consumption and in portion packages for traveling. Globemilk is happy to be involved in fine-tuning the product concept to the local requirements and culture.

Organic milk

Our Organic Milk is made on a ‘pure nature’ method. The cows are in the meadows as much as possible and have all the space they need. 

The result? A delicious creamy milk, full with calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals. Good for you and for the cows! 



Rob Branje