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Barista: for a perfect latte!

In order to develop the perfect milk, we have researched together with various Baristas what the perfect milk foam is. The milk foam should have a velvety texture. Barista Milk has the perfect fat-protein balance, which gives this milk a firm and stable milk foam with a delicious full flavor. 

The development of this milk all started with the fact that so much attention is paid to the perfect coffee bean, but no attention to the milk. Which is strange, because milk is becoming an increasingly important part of coffees. Just pouring something with your coffee can completely destroy your carefully chosen coffee. Regardless of the notes in your coffee, this Barista Milk ensures that the taste of coffee continues to play the leading role. It respects the delicate flavors in the coffee and lets the coffee speak for itself. It complements the coffee with its smooth flavor without overpowering. This is the first milk that is really good for your coffee.

globemilk: specialist in dutch milk

With the sterilization process we give nature a helping hand by creating the right balance between fat and protein and we reduce the fat globules. The result, a consistently top quality frothed milk for the tastiest latte macchiato and cappuccino, etc. Made quickly and easily. Firm and airy in quality. Without extra added sugars, so that the natural taste is preserved.



Rob Branje