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‘The new site has increased our brand awareness’

Read the article from the magazine InZaken about the collaboration with Wux below.

Wux, the Cuijk-based full service internet agency, takes care of projects from A to Z: from advice to search engine optimization. Wux makes adventures in the digital landscape better and more beautiful, but above all: more profitable and economical. A website created by Wux is never ‘just’ a site. There is a well-thought-out process behind it. A new example from Wux’s backpack is the completely new website of the Boxmeer-based internationally oriented Globemilk. The site has been active since this fall.

Globemilk was founded in 2007 by René van der Vleuten, who until then supplied ice cream as a dairy farmer under the name Zuivelboerderij De Rômkan. The current factory in Boxmeer will be built in 2009 and Globemilk will produce long-life milk products in addition to ice cream and cream. Globemilk is growing into an international brand, specialized in long-life dairy. From milk to iced coffee and from plant-based to chocolate milk. They supply to China and the Middle East, among others.

‘Present yourself’
“Due to our rapid growth, it was also time for a new website. This has increased our brand awareness in the region and also our findability, both for potential new partners and new colleagues,” says Lotte Wikkers. She is responsible for sales and data within Globemilk and took on the project together with Lisa Robins, HR business partner. Both are very pleased with the collaboration with Wux.

Yannick Vendelmans, co-owner at Wux, presented the design for the new website at the beginning of this year. “If the whole story is correct, you will see that vacancies, for example, are also filled more quickly,” Yannick Vendelmans takes as an example. “A good vacancy page, not simply a PDF download, really does something for a company. It is a must for many companies in the region; After all, they all need people. Then you also have to make it clear what exactly those people will be working for. Present yourself! Globemilk now does that. And it works: vacancies are now filled more quickly.”

Address target groups
“If a website is outdated, you can adjust or ‘repair’ it, but in fact it is simply no longer picked up properly by the search engines. You saw it on the old site: some things no longer loaded properly and were ‘broken’ when you clicked on them.” Lisa Robins continues: “We all thought it had to be done right the first time. That happened: the site has been running since September, also in an English version.”

What is quite special is that the site addresses four target groups simultaneously: business-to-consumer customers, business-to-business customers, job seekers and finally the dairy farmers who (want to) supply dairy to Globemilk. Lotte Wikkers: “Of course there is a separate page for vacancies, just like for internships and for the registration form for dairy farms. Each product has its own unique product page with a matching atmospheric environment.”

Next steps
Yannick Vendelmans: “We are now measuring: is what we have done correct? Soon we also want to respond to what competition is doing. Which pages do they create? Can we do that too? To compete within the search engine. These are logical next steps.”

Lisa Robins about that follow-up: “The site is now ready and then you want to take some distance. We can do some things ourselves, such as uploading vacancies, internships and new products. We also have quarterly meetings from now on: an evaluation moment for the analytics, looking at what the competitor is doing, where we stand and whether things can be improved. Wux also takes up social media.”

“We create the content calendar,” explains Yannick Vendelmans. “We are currently not on the work floor ourselves, so we have to communicate well about that. We will simply return to fixed events, but you can also highlight vacancies, pay attention to the Day of the Emergency Response Team or the Christmas drinks, which are organized every year. The appearance of the posts now also corresponds much better with the new website. This way the customer always has a point of recognition and that is what matters.”


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