Social sustainability

At Globemilk, we believe not only in sustainable production and dairy farming but also in social sustainability!

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Healthy staff

We strive to ensure that our colleagues and (local) partners stay healthy and feel engaged in their work. This means that we are constantly working to engage our employees in a sustainable way. We encourage quitting smoking, offer the opportunity to participate in company fitness, provide communal break rooms to encourage social contact right across the organisation, offer fresh fruit and encourage participation in health checks for our employees. In addition, we are proud of our diverse and inclusive organisation! Diversity refers to differences between people from different backgrounds and inclusion is about valuing differences between people to foster collaborations


Local partners and employees

We work with local partners, farmers and have many employees who live close to their workplace. This encourages fewer travel movements and creates local involvement. We are located on the Saxe Gotha industrial estate in rural Boxmeer, equipped with good infrastructure with bus and train connections as well as good (fast) bicycle connections.

By offering decent work, we promote economic growth. Here, we believe it is important that everyone gets equal opportunities in the workplace and that the available talent can be deployed. We also encourage lifelong learning. We offer internships to create opportunities for our future employees.

We support SDG 2

by offering fresh fruit to our employees.

We support SDG 3

by offering company fitness and encouraging smoking cessation.

We support SDG 5

by promoting non-discriminatory and equal opportunities.

We support SDG 8

by creating decent work and economic growth. We promote safety in the workplace.

We support SDG 17

through our collaboration with local farmers and partners.

We support SDG 4

by promoting lifelong learning. For both our current and future employees (trainees).