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Our family business

Globemilk is a family business set up by traditional dairy farmers. The bond with Holland has remained steady: Globemilk is familiar with the entire chain, from cow to fridge. Globemilk has since grown into an international brand, but the basics have remained the same: Globemilk is 100% independent and believes in the strength of the family. Everything begins with honest business practices, and that is exactly what Globemilk stands for.

origin Globemilk

Our dairy chain

Quality requires constant attention. This begins in the meadow and only ends with the consumer. At Globemilk, quality is something you work on all the time: we check the entire process, far outside of the factory walls.

Windmills, cows and meadowlands as far as the eye can see: this is typical Holland. For centuries cows have had the space to graze here. This is what makes our cows strong and healthy, and the basis for high-quality Dutch milk.
Farmers know best what's good for their cows. This is why Globemilk likes working in conjunction with professional dairy farmers in their environment. The cows are given the care and attention they need and you can taste it in our products!
Milk Collection
The milk that we collect from the farmers goes to Globemilk directly. We collect the milk from the farmer 3 times a week and then process it in our factory.
At Globemilk, checking raw materials is second nature: each delivery is inspected for antibiotics, temperature, pH-value, documentation and natural nutrients. It is not until these requirements are met that the raw milk is accepted into the production process. In this way we guarantee high quality with the trusted flavour we want to provide to our customers.
Upon arrival, the raw milk is heated to an ultra-high temperature (UHT). It is short but powerful, as the flavour is maintained. After this, various long-life milk and cream products are manufactured. Finally, the milk is aseptically filled and packaged. Thanks to Track-and-Trace, our products can be traced at all times and everywhere.
Quality Control
When it comes to quality, we make no concessions. Extensive quality checking takes place before, during and after production. In this way we can release our products to the world safely and with complete confidence.
Everything in order? The products are packaged in trays, placed on pallets and carefully wrapped in a protective jacket so that the transport runs as smoothly as possible. Then our dairy projects are taken by freight trucks to Rotterdam Harbour, and from there to the global markets.
Milk is healthy and delicious. Milk provides energy, strong bones and is full of vitamins and minerals. Milk is good for everyone, young and old.
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‘Expertise in controlling the integrated dairy chain’

‘After becoming father, I have been looking for the best nutritional food for my first-born child. I have been looking for the best source in the world, where people get old, live healthy and grow tall. I have found The Netherlands, a country in Europe, to have the tallest people in the world. Their strong history in dairy farming and their expertise in controlling the vertically integrated dairy chain have proven to be the best in the world. Hence, I contacted Globemilk, the only factory in The Netherlands producing Dutch UHT milk and found they had the same values as myself; quality, reliability and responsibility. Nowadays we have a strong strategic partnership and the best nutritional foods in the world are available for both my family as well as any other family in China looking for the best living standards.’

Mr. Neery Peng (strategic partner China)

Specialist in milk

Milk is healthy and delicious. Milk provides energy, strong bones and is full of vitamins and minerals. Milk is good for everyone, young and old. This is why Dutch people have been drinking milk for centuries. Our cows are strong and well cared for. The result? Healthy milk of the highest quality. Available in a premium brand concept directly traceable to the milk processing plant.


  • Globemilk sets high standards within its own organisation and those of its partners, from dairy farmer to distribution and marketing: the complete dairy chain is monitored. In this way Globemilk ensures a consistently high quality in its products. Choosing Globemilk is therefore choosing a certified and professional partner.


  • Globemilk is an independent family business. Our goal is to build on long-term relationships as an involved and professional  partner.  Choosing Globemilk means choosing continuity, quality and flexibility!


  • Globemilk is built on the rock-solid conviction that good dairy products should be available to everyone. As milk producers, we consider humans, animals and the environment. Choosing Globemilk means choosing a partner that takes social responsibility seriously, from dairy farmer to supermarket.


  • Globemilk is more than a supplier. We attach considerable value to open communication and short lines: we like working with others and are always available for advice. This is how we create impact: we can react quickly to market developments or technological developments. Choosing Globemilk is choosing a partner with commitment, and not just a supplier.

Power of the family

Globemilk believes in the power of Dutch milk. From China to Dubai, and from Nigeria to Indonesia: our long-self life milk is consumed everywhere. This is more than the trusted UHT milk: working with partners, we continuously develop new dairy products. Globemilk manages the entire chain and can thus develop all possible products.