Happy Singles Day!

11 - 11

We celebrate Singles Day every year with our international partners. As the name suggests, Singles Day was started as an unofficial celebration of a person’s singledom, founded in the 1990s by Chinese university students. The date selected was 11/11, and is fittingly full of 1’s to symbolize solo living.

Enjoy this day!

Why Globemilk?

‘After becoming father, I have been looking for the best nutritional food for my first-born child. I have found the Netherlands, a country in Europe, to have the tallest people in the world. Their strong history in dairy farming and their expertise in controlling the vertically integrated dairy chain have proven to be the best in the world. Hence, I contacted Globemilk, the only factory in the Netherlands producing ambient Fresh milk and found they had the same values as myself; quality, reliability and responsibility.’

Mr. Neery Peng

Globemilk is a family business set up by traditional dairy farmers. The bond with Holland has remained steady: Globemilk is familiar with the entire chain, from cow to fridge. Globemilk has since grown into an international brand, but the basics have remained the same: Globemilk is 100% independent and believes in the strength of the family. Everything begins with honest business practices, and that is exactly what Globemilk stands for.