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Made for you #chocolatelovers

Ready for Chocolovely? The intense taste of chocolate milk in a can (handy for on the go).

Globemilk is known for its concepts. We have developed Chocolovely through consumer requests. The name Chocolovely comes from the love for our profession. Making the best products in combination with the best raw materials: This drink for our chocolate lovers is one of them!

did you know?

Chocolovely is UTZ certified. UTZ certified is a quality mark for fair trade and aims to make sustainable agriculture the norm. UTZ certified pays attention for people and the environment. Which means that farmers use less pesticides and guarantee good working conditions for their workers.

Green pastures include grazing cows. ‘That’s how it is! The milk we use to produce Chocolovely comes from cows that are in the pasture for at least 120 days a year, for at least 6 hours a day. Nice of course right?



Rob Branje