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Our specials

enjoy responsibly!

There is no challenge so complex that Globemilk can’t find a solution. The regular product portfolio prepared from high-quality Dutch milk is created for the requirements of our partners. Good to know: modifications resulting from taste preferences and cultural differences can always be discussed. In this way, together we build on a concept made for your target group.

This is why we made our specials!

the sky is the limit

There’s no accounting for taste. Different people, different cultures, different tastes. And thus Globemilk has developed a wide range of products so there is something for everyone. But it doesn’t stop there: the world is changing and Globemilk is changing too. We are always looking for new formulas and technologies to make our products more sustainable, healthier and tastier. Our Dutch cow’s milk has endless possibilities. Indeed: the Sky is the Limit.



Rob Branje